Daniela Busarello and EX NIHILO celebrate Franco-Brazilian Avant-Garde through FOGO, a collection of hand crafted perfumes bottles highlighting the French Haute Manufacture and the expertise of the CIAV of Meisenthal

Both partners cultivate an obsessive love for details and sophistication. Their common ambition is to create sensual, creative and elegant objects that will get even better with time and will never go out of style.

It has been an obvious choice to partner with Daniela to create this series of hand-crafted unique pieces. Each of them is unique, textured, shaped by the human’s hand. Their creator imagined those bottles as a metaphorically moving object coming to life through its constant interaction with light, a reflection between the perfume and the carved monogram of its surface.

  • Daniela Busarello

    Daniela is a Brazilian artist who lives and works in Paris. She has signed several architectural projects as well as objects made by the best craftsmen. Inspired by EX NIHILO’s olfactory creations she designed raw, natural and sensual glass pieces, like a tribute to her Brazilian origins.

  • Dedicated
    to craftmanship

    A unique philosophy: the promotion of the best French know-how in their best expression. The Craftmen from CIAV Meisenthal have been a crucial asset in the success of this project, which represents a real technical feat. The blown glass on mold and bespoke mesh technique were obvious to create the bottles and their accessories.

    The handmade work of vermeil on the “piercing” embellishes its hood made of cork, giving it a pure and delicate shape. The Lapis Lazuli is the subtle touch of “introspective luxury” discreetly hidden inside the FOGO XL, like a secret amulet.

    The tailor-made glass texture increases sensations such a touch and look. It also creates a kaleidoscopic effect representing a much more feminine side. This texture is principally dressed in blue from solid to gradient finish creating a luminescent effect, or natural crystalline.

    The FOGO Collection was first introduced during the Révélations Fair in May 2017, the most prestigious Biennial fair celebrating international finest craft and creation. This event confirms the commitment of the French perfume house through the Art community and its will to support French Avant-Garde.

  • The creations

    The largest piece, FOGO XL, is a contemporary interpretation of an ancient amphora. A mysterious piece like the translucent monolith of Stanley Kubrick in 2001 The Odyssey of space. The iconic hexagonal shape of EX NIHILO has been reworked to engrave a graphic pattern into the glass. The oversize piece is assorted with a collection of 12 small formats that respond to its shape.

    Each piece is unique and signed by the artist. They were created with the passion and techniques of excellence from Lorraine, Gascogne and Paris.

Photo gallery

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