EX NIHILO for e-legend

In response to a new invitation from Gilles Vidal, Style Director of Peugeot PSA and its creative teams, EX NIHILO has olfactively transcribed the identity of the spectacular concept car E-LEGEND. It is presented for the first time at the Mondial de l’Automobile in September 2018 in Paris.

EX NIHILO created for the occasion an exclusive perfume that reflects the unique atmosphere of its interior, made of wood, velvet and technological materials, tribute to tomorrow’s mobility.

  • Gilles Vidal

    Graduate of Art Center College of Design in Vevey (Switzerland), Gilles Vidal started is career in 1996 for Citroën, where he collaborated with Jean-Pierre Ploué.

    Now he is in charge of the concept cars and he has been the head of Style for Peugeot since 2010.

    He was voted GQ man of the year in 2014.

  • e-Legend

    E-LEGEND celebrates the visionary spirit of Peugeot PSA.To pay tribute to this concept, EX NIHILO used Akigalawood, a perfume note created in laboratory, born from biochemistry by fermentation. Givaudan House created this revolutionary ingredient, made from Patchouli essence.

    This creation synthesizes the common ambition of the two brands to revisit tradition (the codes of the iconic Peugeot 504 designed by Pininfarina) thanks to technology.

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