EX NIHILO x Reine Paradis

A solar iteration of LUST IN PARADISE, revisited by French Californian photographer Reine Paradis.

She joined forces with perfumer Louise Turner to translate her colourful universe for a very addictive result, like a skin warmed by the Los Angeles sun.

  • Reine Paradis

    Reine Paradis is a visual artist who constructs narrative photographs staging herself as the central figure in surreal landscapes. Shot in many locations throughout America, the photo series takes us on an introspective journey across a symbolic and chromatic world, projected above the limit of reality and imagination. All the scenes are imagined and conceptualized before shooting in real locations. Once the scene is visualized in it’s entirety, Reine Paradis makes sketches and paints the scene to use as a blue print when photographing the final scene.

    As a fragrance enthusiast herself, she teamed for the very first time with master perfumer Louise Turner and EX NIHILO to create an olfactory interpretation of her visual work.

  • Louise Turner

    Born in Kent, UK, Louise found her vocation during a work placement, where she studied raw materials and trained and developed her nose.

    Inspired by nature, her vision is one of pushing and transforming boundaries. Now settled in Paris for many years, she is one of the most respected master perfumers.

    She is the author of the famous MUSC INFINI for EX NIHILO and behind the creation of FASCINATE and MAGNETIZE, from the new SUBLIME MISTS hair perfumes collection.

    Her mission was to give her own olfactory interpretation of Reine’s unique universe, giving a new Californian twist to the mesmerizing LUST IN PARADISE.

  • Lust in paradise by reine paradis

    Reine constructs narrative and ultra-chromatic photographs, staging herself as the central figure of surreal landscapes. Inspired by her work, the scent gets more solar and poetic, like a skin warmed by the Californian sun.

    Its signature gets more hypnotic through deep Woods, Pink Pepper and white Peony notes notes, above the limits of reality and imagination.

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