واستجابة لدعوة من غيلز فيدال ، رئيس أسلوب بيجو ، عرضت EX NIHIO التعبير المنحرف عن أحدث مفهوم السيارات EXALT و QUARTZ ، عرضت لأول مرة في معرض باريس للسيارات (Mondial de l'Automoutat) في عام 2014.

ولهذه المناسبة ، أنشأت شركة "EX" اثنين من عمليات الاحتيال الخاصة ، وهما FRENCH VETIVER و SANAL SACRAS.

  • Gilles Vidal

    A graduate of the Arts Center College of Design in Vevey (Switzerland), Gilles Vidal started his career in 1996 for Citroën, where he worked with Jean-Pierre Ploué, he is now in charge of concept cars and he has been the Head of Design for Peugeot since 2010.

    He was voted GQ man of the year in 2014.

  • Santal Sacré & Exalt

    SANTAL SACRÉ, a tribute to Australian sandalwood. A first, spicy breath of cardamom and pink berries, ushers in a heart built around warm and woody notes (sandalwood, cedar, patchouli) which blend smoothly into a lingering wake of powdery musk.

    Santal Sacré expresses the will of the two houses to pursue a path of sustainable development, and also echoes the sculpted “plywood”, a recycled high-tech wood used in this concept car.

  • French Vetiver & Quartz

    FRENCH VETIVER, on one hand masculine and purebred, on the other hand feminine and enveloping. This elegant fragrance plays with contradictions. A strong, woody cocktail, with the quality of a frighteningly earthy, masculine ingredient, wrapped in a re-assuring and sophisticated cocoon of softness.

معرض الصور

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