How do I place an order?

EX NIHILO's website is pretty easy to use: once you have find your beloved product, simply click on the "ADD TO SHOPPING BAG" button on the product page. Check what is in you bag by clicking on the counter icon at the top right corner of the website. This page summarizes the content of your shopping bag, you can delete product by clicking on the cross inside each product summary. To finalize your order, you must be logged in your account, or create one. You will then go through all the steps from delivery to payment. After the validation of your payment, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address used to create your account.

Do I need an account to place an order?

Not necessarily;
however, signing up will allow us to stay close to you and update you with any
new launches, online exclusives, and other exciting activations.

I have lost my password. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, click on the "My
Account" link to receive a new password using the email address you used to
register on our website. You can then modify it.

I can't validate my shopping bag. What should I do?

Our ordering process requires that your computer accepts
"cookies". Cookies allow you to save items added to your basket. If
they are disabled, you must change this parameter in the settings of your
browser. If you still can't validate your shopping bag, please contact our
Customer Service team on customercare@ex-nihilo-paris.ae

Can I cancel or modify my order?

Once your order is validated, it is transmitted to EX NIHILO
for processing. You can modify it by contacting our Customer Service team customercare@ex-nihilo-paris.ae
. Any request for cancellation of an order should be made before products are
sent and, to be taken into consideration, at the latest 24 hours before the
expedition of the package. This cancellation request should be directed to
Customer Service

How can I know if my order has been validated and the payment accepted?

After you have placed your order, you will see an order
confirmation on your screen. A confirmation will also be sent to you by e-mail.
If you did not get an order confirmation, please contact our Customer Service
team on customercare@ex-nihilo-paris.ae.  Should your product be temporarily
unavailable, we would get in contact with you and refund the amount of the missing


How can I pay on EX NIHILO?

We accept the following payment methods : Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, American Express.

Is my payment secured?

Your security is important to us. For this reason, we use a
secured platform that encrypts your credit card data to ensure it is safely
delivered. If you pay with Visa or MasterCard, additional protection is
provided by special authentication methods (Verified by Visa® or MasterCard®


When and how my order will be shipped?

Free Standard Shipping within 2-3 Working days.

Express/Next Day Delivery is applicable for orders placed
before 4pm and are free for orders above or equal to 500 AED

*Exception Al Ain and Abu Dhabi

*AED 15 will be charged for orders below 500 AED

Where does EX NIHILO ship?

EX NIHILO delivers to All Emirates

What are the shipping fees?

Complimentary for Standard Shipping

Free for orders above & equal to AED 500; 15 AED fee
applicable for next day delivery on orders below AED 500

My parcel has been dispatched but I still haven't received anything. What should I do?

We encourage you to check the delivery status on the carrier
website using the provided tracking number. If your order is listed as
"out for delivery", the package should be with you shortly, please be
patient. If the delivery is taking
longer than expected to be delivered, please check that the provided
delivery address on your confirmation order is correct. If you have any issues
or questions, please contact our Customer Service customercare@ex-nihilo-paris.ae

Return & exchange

What is your return / exchange policy?

It is Ex-Nihilo’s intention to satisfy its customers.

No Return and/or No Exchange Policy, is
mandatory except for defected items.

Please note that we do not provide any
refund, however we will gladly offer an exchange for any unopened product
bought on the Website that is returned within 14 days of the date of purchase, in any Ex Nihilo
store in the United Arab Emirates only. All items
must be accompanied by a copy of the both original receipt and in an unopened
and saleable condition. We cannot accept any return by post.

Please note that we cannot offer exchanges
on any opened or used products.

At the time of delivery, you may refuse
the entire order only and return it in its entirety.

All products are quality controlled and
checked for any faults before they are dispatched to you. Should you receive a
product that is faulty please contact us immediately customercare@ex-nihilo-paris.ae

Products are classified as faulty if they
are received damaged, or where a concealed manufacturing default appears within
one 14 days from  the date of
purchase. Please note that products that are damaged as a result of wear and
tear, neglect, abuse, improper maintenance or other causes attributable to you
are not considered to be faulty.

In respect of defective products, you will
have the following options, in Ex- Nihilo’s stores in the United Arab Emirates only:

To replace the product, or

To request the product to be repaired, if this option is available in respect
of the defective product, or

To receive a full refund in respect of the defective product.

All refund will be made by the method payment
was received. If the initial payment was made by credit/debit card, we will
re-credit your credit/debit card within (14) days.

to Covid-19, returns & exchanges are strictly prohibited as per UAE
official guidelines until further notice. Exchanges can occur only for defected
items on case to case basis.

Contact us

I have further questions and would like to get personal assistance from EX NIHILO. How can I get in touch with you?

Contact us at customercare@ex-nihilo-paris.ae

About Ex Nihilo

Who are the creators of the brand?

EX NIHILO is a French Luxury Perfume House created in
December 2013 in Paris. The first store is located at 352 rue Saint-Honoré. Its
founders are three Parisians: Sylvie Loday, Olivier Royère and Benoît Verdier.
They decided to start their own home to satisfy their passion for fragrance and
create the brand of their dreams. Their idea: revive the pioneering and
creative spirit of French Avant-Garde; try a disruptive approach to perfumery
highlighting innovation and artistic collaborations.

Who are the "Noses" of the house?

The first collection is the result of a long creative
exchange with the Parisian team of the house Givaudan. Sylvie, Olivier and
Benoît worked closely with one of the best teams of perfumers in the world. A
true emulation arose with very experienced perfumers, long-time professionals,
but also with younger talents that we hope will be the star perfumers of
tomorrow. The founders are first and foremost perfume enthusiasts, so they
offered to the “noses” to use the best raw materials to shape their creative
ideas without any cost constraint.


What is the personalization program?

Creating a bespoke fragrance is an exclusive, complex and
unique art. EX NIHILO wants to offer a credible and spectacular alternative
through its customisation program. It is both simple and extraordinarily
complex: each fragrance of the collection can be sublimated using raw materials
of the highest quality. Today, six iconic perfumery raw materials are at the
heart of the program: Iris pallida Absolute (France), Rose of May Absolute
Grasse (France), Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute (India), Orange Blossom Absolute
(Morocco), Vanilla Bourbon (Madagascar) and Sandalwood (Australia). These
materials were selected by our “Noses” for their quality and their ability to
marry in perfect harmony with our creations, while offering a new olfactory
inflection. We created a ritual to provide each customer the most suitable
formula setting to its tastes, personality and desires.

Are the possibilities endless?

Creating a perfume is not a science, it is an art. All
combinations do not work mathematically. The scent is first and foremost a
matter of subjectivity, tastes and personal emotions. Its formulation is at the
heart of a perfumer’s art. For each creation, we have thus selected 3 of the
most relevant variations with our “noses” to propose a new universe or
olfactory landscape.

What is the machine you use to personalized fragrances?

The Osmologue is a robot allowing the most accurate weighing
of raw materials and its blend for the creation of a perfume. It is the result
of months of research and development between EX NIHILO, its industrial partner
and French designer Christophe Pillet. The technology used is the same as in
major perfume houses: it preserves the quality of the raw materials and weighs
them with an ultimate precision. The Osmologue is at the heart of the EX NIHILO
customisation program: a jewel of technology and design, a world’s first!

Will you really be making the fragrance in front of me?

We create all the perfumes from the customisation program in
front of you in our stores, with the Osmologue. We make you travel through the
backstage of perfumery houses, showing you all the stages of a perfume’s

How many times does it take to personalized a perfume?

The process takes only a few minutes with the help of our
olfactory experts and ambassadors. The Osmologue is a mean to achieve excellence
in the composition of your "juice", but the customisation ritual also
involves the hand of man from the phase of bottling, crimping, choosing your
custom cap, engraving of the bottle to the final packaging of your perfume. Our
priority is dialogue and interaction: our ambassadors are trained to guide you
and to transcribe your olfactory desires in the scent of your dreams.

Can I bring it back home and use it right away?

Yes, if you wish, you can use it immediately. However, we
recommend that you leave your creation stand for 1 to 2 weeks so that it
stabilizes and all its olfactory qualities can fully express their potential,
like a good wine that we would put in a carafe.

Do you propose tailor-made fragrances?

EX NIHILO is currently working on an innovative full custom
program. In the meantime, we offer private consultations at 352, rue
Saint-Honoré and several olfactory workshops on appointment only. You can also
come to discover our customisation program directly in our stores.

Ex Nihilo's Products

Do your fragrances contain allergens?

In accordance with European regulations, we display on our
packaging the list of potentially allergenic raw materials contained in each of
our fragrances.

Do you test your formulas on animals?

Our fragrances are not tested on animals.

How long can I stock my EX NIHILO fragrance? Do you have recommendations about it?

The average lifetime of a perfume in normal conditions of
use vary depending on its composition. Under normal conditions of storage, fresh,
citrusy scents such as COLOGNE 352 will be best for about 18 to 24 months.
Fragrances built around chypre or oriental notes such as VENENUM KISS, have top
notes which can oxidize slightly after 18 months, but they are usually very
loyal olfactively for years. In all cases, we recommend that you keep your
perfume EX NIHILO away from heat and light.

How many fragrances can I try before being olfactory saturated?

After you test 3 fragrances, you may start to saturate your
olfactory receptors. Too much information, too much odor pollution, your
synapses can no longer analyze scents. At our Dubai Mall Flagship Store, we
invite you to test the collection through our “fragrance vases” that offer a
first olfactory approach. They propel the scents of dry air, without any
alcohol distribution, which allows you to discover and enjoy the entire
collection in a very comfortable way and without saturation.

How and where should I apply my fragrance?

We recommend that you apply your fragrance onto the pulse
areas: neck, inside the wrist, chest. You can
also fine spray your perfume on your hair and, of course, on your clothes:
textiles typically keep the perfume molecules for a long time.

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