EX NIHILO x Mathieu César

Mathieu is part of the new scene of international photography. High Perfumery was the next playground to express his curiosity for creation in all its forms.

Driven by the same passions and demands, EX NIHILO founders, Olivier Royère, Sylvie Loday and Benoît Verdier, invited Mathieu to imagine the fragrance of his dreams.

The result of this union with Mathieu: a quintessential scent that reinvents the olfactory codes of Leather with a very Haute Couture twist.


    Promising, gifted, self-taught, Mathieu César is one of the new emerging talents of contemporary photography. Recognizable for his timeless touch, his subtle black and white has seduced the most prestigious magazines. He regularly works with international celebrities and creative high profiles.


    A lifelong love of fragrance inspired Quentin Bisch to pursue perfumery, but as a non “scientific” student, he was told he could never be admitted to an elite training academy, so instead, he went to school to be a dancer and theatre performer.

    But even while running his own theatre company, he continued to study and lobby the gatekeepers at the training schools, until finally Givaudan offered him a slot in their program, despite his lack of a chemistry degree.

    He is the creator of FLEUR NARCOTIQUE, VENENUM KISS and FRENCH AFFAIR, three of the most iconic EX NIHILO fragrances.


    CUIR CELESTE is inspired by the iconic garment adorned daily by French photographer Mathieu César, a vintage B3 bomber jacket reworked for him by a Parisian craftsman.

    Under the auspices of EX NIHILO, he asked perfumer Quentin Bisch to create a scent evoking the protection of a Leather armor tinged with a pure Haute Couture sophistication.

    It mixes Leather notes with Ambrette, addictive Violet leaves, Patchouli and Musk as olfactory links between past and future.

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